I found this AWESOME fresh fruit juice stand on Brick Lane. Called Tropical Mix and all the juices were £1 each! I’m drinking watermelon/pineapple. Mighty refreshing. I had been to Brick Lane once before when I was passing through it looking for an art gallery closer to Shoreditch and I got off the tube and I was in a big rush because the meeting I was going to at the gallery was going to start soon and naturally I was taken in by the splendor that is all the vintage shops and brightly lit restaurants that is Brick Lane, but sadly, I couldn’t stop. Thankfully I got to my meeting on time.

I’m kind of glad I didn’t go back because it was the middle of winter and couldn’t enjoy the delights of Brick Lane as I am this summer. I live on the West Side, but I’m becoming increasingly enamored of the East End. I was out with a friend of mine from my undergrad alma mater and her boyfriend and while she was inside an over-crowded, under-air conditioned vintage shop trying on dresses, I went outside for some fresh air and stopped by the juice stand for some refreshments. I wonder if anyone does any hot drink stands in the winter. I didn’t see any back then because it was after 6 on a week day and everyone else on Brick Lane was tucked inside restaurants or sipping coffee at a cafe.

I went on a Sunday so it was pretty crowded, not sure if they set up shop on other days. I found the stand at the opening for Brick Lane on the end around the corner from Shoreditch High Street.

If you are coming from the other direction, use the picture I took of the graffiti art as a directional tool! This was on the wall very close to the stand.

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